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Phuket Nightlife: Phuket A gogo bars

Phuket Nightlife: Phuket A gogo bars

phuket a gogo barsIn Patong beach there are many a gogo bars, most of them located at Soi Seadragon (small street off Bangla Road).

An a go go bar is a place where you can watch beautiful Thai girls dancing to music clothed in nothing more than a bikini.

These girls are not totally nude since this is prohibited by Thai law, altought many places have shows were the girls are totally nude.
The girls may talk with the customers when they are not dancing.

They are not owned in any way by the bar and if they want to spend time with the guest, it is their decision to make. However, if she agree to go with you for disco or something, you have to pay a fee (normally 500 baht) since she is not longer assisting the bar by providing entertainment.

Anyway, if you have an open mind, visiting an a go go bar will surely give you a unique insight into this kind of entertainment known from Hollywood movies.

Flash a gogo (Soi Eric)

A popular one run by Frank from Italy, they perform nude dancing and sexy shows sometimes. Sometimes special guests from other countries.

phuket a go go barsSphinx a gogo (Seadragon)
The first a gogo you see on left side when you enter Soi Seadragon.

phuket a gogoPink Panther a gogo (Seadragon)
One of the better ones in Patong with Happy Hour (afternoon) a gogo between 15:00 and 20:00 every day.
phuket a go goPlaySchool a gogo (Seadragon)
Ladies wearing school clothes.
phuket a gogo barsLipstick a gogo (Seadragon)
At the end of seadragon, many shows.
phuket a go goThe Model a gogo (Seadragon)
The new owner is very nice and friendly, give him a visit for a great time.
showgirls a gogoShowgirls International (Seadragon)
Regular one with shows.
Rock Hard a gogo (Bangla Road)
Including Smokin' Joe's Roadhouse on second floor (Ex. Country a gogo), which is a part of Rock Hard. One of the biggest and oldest in Patong, sometimes they have special events such as miss wet t-shirt competition.
extasy a go goExtacy a gogo (Soi Sunset)
Also one of the first ones in Patong, nice environment.
eros a gogoEros a gogo (Vegas Thai Boxing, Bangla Road)
Nice place with shows.
valhalla a go goValhalla Afternoon a gogo
Entertainment center with afternoon a gogo, pub and restaurant in Soi Sunset with very nice viking environment and a swimming pool with a bar. They had disocteque with a dancefloor before, but now they turned it into a afternoon a gogo and sometimes they arrange special events, like miss wet t-shirt competition at the pool area.

The Shark Club (Bangla Road)
Yes, this popular disco also have a gogo ladies on second floor, look nice but you better head to a real a gogo to get the right atmosphere.
Cats a gogo - Small but beauty (Beach Road)
Doesn't exist anymore! It's now Lambada Latin food restaurant.

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