Sunday, March 11, 2007

How to make a Thai girl laugh

“If you want to get into a girl’s pants, make her laugh” once uttered by a supermodel.

If you’re a foreigner, you’re in luck. There is actually not much you can NOT do that will make them laugh. They find foreigners to be very cute and adorable as the Thai culture is different to the western world.

* In Thailand there is the term ‘farung’, which is what Thai people use to call foreigners. There is nothing degrading about it as it’s a neutral word. It also means guava fruit. So… We get to the guava eating guava aspect. That is: if you start eating a guava fruit, there is bound to be giggles and pointing in your direction as Thai people find it a little amusing to see a foreigner eating a foreigner. A play on words that is!
* Make sure to bust out your dance moves on the floor. Especially if you’re going to the downright wacky moves that Napolean Dynamite fine-tuned. Thailand (even most parts of Bangkok) are VERY slow in getting the scoop on what’s in and all. So prance around in the new moves you saw on the new Justin Timberlake music video and you’re set for stares, and hopefully… licking of the lips. Haha.
* There should always be an effort to try to speak Thai. If they laugh, it’s not because you are bad, it’s just how you would laugh when someone pronounces weird words in your mother tongue. The Thai language has varying tonalities where a word can be pronounced with a different tone and mean completely something else. For example: “Mai mai mai mai, mai” with the correct tonality means new wood doesn’t burn. Give it a go and let the hilarity ensue.
* Try eating spicy stuff that the Thai’s eat and before you know it, you’ll be sweating like a pig with your tongue out begging to stop but definitely wanting to savour more. Thai food really is that addictive. Do this with caution though, as you’ll most likely be sprinting to the toilet after a few minutes. It’s worth the laughs though. The person watching you that is.
* Bargaining is a sort of art form. No matter how good your Thai is, you will always, always, get a higher price than if a Thai person is bargaining. Go with a Thai girl and amuse her by trying to bargain and once you’ve gone as low as you think you can (which you’re most probably proud of) she’ll do you better with a huge grin that you did try your best :p
* This method comes back to the whole adorable and cute idea. Join in the Thai things and festivities. They just LOVE it when tourists try things that they do. This works ever so well where it’s a bit more rural as westernisation is still a novelty there. A festival that is a must is the Sonkran festival, where Thai people splash water on each other all over Thailand over two - three days.

So there you have it, a few simple points that you should try out to make that Thai girl laugh. Tell me how it goes!

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